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Next Generation Dry EliteĀ®
Dry Wash and Polish

Rising fuel costs have made it increasingly necessary that aircraft exteriors are maintained for optimum fuel efficiency. As aircraft fly and become dirty due to bugs, grease, carbon, and oil deposits, the drag coefficient increases and more fuel is burned. Maintaining a clean and smooth exterior can also help minimize metal corrosion, as well as locate leaks and local damage.

The new and improved Dry Elite® remains a user and environmentally friendly product that engages state-of-the-art  technology for a two-in-one wash and polish that is exceptionally effective on grease and heavy carbon. Next Generation Dry Elite® leaves behind a protective film that shines with a high gloss, beads water, and aids in repelling re-deposition of oils, particulates and water  borne soils, making subsequent cleanings quicker and easier.  Indeed, lab testing on gloss restoration shows that Next Generation Dry Elite® is more effective at restoring paint to original gloss levels than both original Dry Elite® and the leading competitor.

Dry Elite® is not petroleum based but water based. As a result, the product has no bad odor and works in all weather conditions without sacrificing efficacy. It is effective on a wide range of soils including:

Hydraulic fluid build up
Carbon build up
Grease/oil accumulation in wheel rims
Grease/oil deposit at engine exhaust
Bugs/organic compounds on leading wing edges and aircraft nose
General grime on exterior surfaces

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