About Us

Chem-Line was formed in 1986 to cater for the growing demand for consumable chemical commodities in the Southern African industrial and commercial sectors.

Even though begun at the depth of a South African recession, Chem-Line showed positive growth due to a commitment to quality and service excellence.

In addition to the extensive range of commodity chemicals Chem-Line manufactured and supplied, the company realized the need to specialize in areas where solutions to problems were being sought by industry and suitable products were not available.

During the early 90’s Chem-Line began adding divisions to the company in specialist fields such as civil engineering, institutional, medical as well as Aerospace.

Expansion of the aviation divisional sector was boosted by the awarding of distributorship and manufacturing agreements by a number of overseas corporations notably “The Kent chemical Co,TrafficAir, (UK) Celeste Industries Corporation (USA) and Goldcrest Oil Limited”.

Sustained growth and market share was achieved by the awarding of contracts by SA’s largest operator being South African Airways for the supply of chemicals for the washing of their aircraft exteriors, toilet servicing, deep cleaning and onboard consumables.  This supply chain expanded to other domestic, regional and African operators as well as the general aviation sectors.

Having been entrusted by some of the largest operators of commercial aviation in South Africa as well as blue chip companies, it has always been of paramount importance to ensure absolute integrity in all business dealings and ensure impeccable product performance.

Chem-line also exports chemical products to sub-Saharan countries and neighboring territory aircraft operators.  Chem-Line is proud of having an uninterrupted relationship with both our suppliers, principals nationally and internationally as well as our clients.  We are equally proud of having proved our integrity and commitment to ensuring our clients (and in turn their clients) receive utmost professionalism and product quality at all levels. 

Chem-Line chemicals are also owner operators of vintage display aircraft which are used to attract interest and promote various chemical products of the company.  Chem-Line looks forward to being allowed to forge a mutually beneficial relationship with your company in the future.