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Refresher Towelettes

This self-enclosed, high quality, towelette offers all the luxury of the Hot Towel Service in the convenience of a pre-packaged towelette.

Unlike the vast majority of the towelettes on the market today, Celeste’s Refresher Towelette is made of a soft, polyester/rayon blend in an extra generous size (7.25 x 8.5 inches / 18.4 x 21.5 cms) and lemon citrus fragrance.

The towelette comes in a 3 x 4 inch (7.6 x 10 cm) packet, made out of foil laminate which was selected for its compatibility with the solutions. These towelettes are ideal to:

add to trays on “finger food” or sandwich meal services;

distribute to boarded passengers in hot, humid stations;

pass out before cocktail or meal service to clean hands’

serve pre-arrival to passengers on long flights;

make available in departure lounges or VIP Clubrooms;
make available when water is unavailable for handwashing.

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