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Leather Conditioner & Protectant

Leather seating in aircraft that experiences heavy, frequent use needs to be treated with a quality product that can extend the life of the seat for as long as possible.  It is important to use products designed for the purpose, since many cleaners on the market today contain ingredients that – while they may clean the surface – actually do more harm than good to the leather itself.  Some cleaners – particularly alcohol based products – can dry out and crack leathers, while some soaps can attract soil, resulting in cleaning more often than is necessary.

Celeste’s Leather Conditioner & Protectant focuses on conditioning and protecting the leather surface to prevent soil re-deposition and extend seat life.  This product contains a unique additives package that includes:

Advanced conditioning agents normally found in high end hand care products, blending emollients and humectants to keep leather conditioned

UV and surface protectant agents

A mild, natural cleaning agent for light cleaning

Fragrance free

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