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Interior Cleaner Complete
High Performance Multi-Surface Cleaner

Optimum cleaning performance depends on the combination of the particular soils that need to be cleaned as well as the unique surfaces. ASTM D4488-95 Standard Guide for Testing Cleaning performance stipulates that testing criteria should include:

Relative ease of discriminability among cleaners
Reproducibility of test performed
Correlation of test results with consumer experience

Celeste  combined all these criteria to develop the original Interior Cleaner 84000.   In more recent years, as airlines have improved operations and load factor have increased per flight, the need for an even higher performance product is more necessary than ever.  Interior Cleaner Complete combines all the benefits of Celeste’s original Interior Cleaner with 30% more cleaning power and anti-redeposition agents to provide a protective coating and make subsequent cleanings easier.  As with the original, Interior Cleaner Complete is highly effective on a wide range of aircraft interior soils and surfaces:


Oils from hands
Tannins (from coffee, tea and sodas)
Shoe and luggage scuffs
Ink, pencil, lead and crayon


Glass / mirrors
Tray tables
Overhead luggage compartments
Seat arms and legs
Floor surfaces
Leather and carpet spot removal
General plastics

In keeping with Celeste’s focus on user and aircraft safe products, this product contains no solvents or VOCs, is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-damaging to sensitive entertainment system components, and safe for cleaning crews. Interior Cleaner 84000 will not damage or craze plastic surfaces upon extended use, including Lexan plastic. Along with removing soils, Interior Cleaner 84000 lays down a state-of-the-art protective coating that makes subsequent cleanings quick and easy.

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