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Galley Drain Cleaners

Galley drains in commercial aircraft are routinely used for disposal of an assortment of beverages including coffee, milk, juice and carbonated drinks. Sugars found in most of these beverages serve as a food source for common bacteria and microbes that ultimately lead to malodors may result in partial or complete blockage of pipes.

Celeste has developed two alternatives - with very different chemistries - to help eliminate clogs, prevent malodors, and offer longer term maintenance and odor control. Biozyme GDC is an enzyme based product while Liquid Scrub is based on state-of-the-art oxygenated technology.

Liquid Scrub™
Celeste’s Liquid Scrub Galley Drain Cleaner is uniquely designed around the soil matrix typically found in galley drain clogs. It is safe, mild and completely non-corrosive. Being heavier than water, it effectively flows to the clog location and begins its cleaning action. Its combination of specialty surfactants and oxygen micro-bubbles creates an outstanding cleaner that breaks clogs and disperses difficult soils. The use of chemical oxidation results in a drain cleaner that:

Stops soil particle agglomeration
Minimizes re-deposition of soil
Breaks existing drain-plugs
Minimizes the chance for plugging
Eliminates odor causing compounds

Biozyme EX3
Biozyme EX3 is a biochemical cleaner and deodorizer that contains a myriad of selective, environmentally friendly spores that consume odor causing organic material.  This enzymatic action is a perfect complement to Liquid Scrub for longer term odor control of galley drains.

Download Material Safety Data Sheet - Liquid Scrub

Download Material Safety Data Sheet - Biozyme EX3

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