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CRX 200

Corrosion inhibitor removers today are often petroleum based, or contain oils derived from citrus, resulting in strong odors and fumes – something which is often exacerbated in warm weather conditions. As a result, these products can only be used outside the hangar or, if used inside, require respirators in order to minimize worker irritation.

Celeste Industries’ newly developed CRX 200 is a high performance corrosion inhibitor remover which – while containing naturally derived oils – is extremely low in odor and fumes and much less likely to cause irritation. This slow-drying, gelled liquid removes both light and heavy coatings of corrosion inhibitor effortlessly – with very little contact time required. In addition, CRX 200 is biodegradable and safer for environment.

Features & Benefits

Extremely low odor
Low fumes
Easy application
Minimal contact time
Easy removal
Less volatile
Low toxicity
Safer for environment

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