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Aircraft Exterior Cleaner Wet Wash

Rising fuel costs have made it increasingly necessary that aircraft exteriors are maintained for optimum fuel efficiency. As aircraft fly and become dirty due to bugs, grease, carbon, and oil deposits, the drag coefficient increases and more fuel is burned. Maintaining a clean and smooth exterior can also help minimize metal corrosion, as well as locate leaks and local damage.

Celeste’s two wet wash products (liquid concentrate and gel concentrate) incorporate the latest technology and offer a blend of benefits and functionality with excellent overall system economics not easily found in the industry today:

Contain no solvents
Environmentally friendly
Safe for workers
No unpleasant odor, non-irritating
Non-aggressive, non-corrosive
No flashpoint
Effective on a wide range of soils including:
  Hydraulic fluid build up
  Carbon build up
  Grease/oil accumulation in wheel rims
  Grease/oil deposit at engine exhaust
  Bugs/organic compounds on leading wing edges 
     and aircraft nose
  General grime on exterior surfaces
Easy rinsability
Dilution easily adjustable depending on soil and cleaning level required. More effective at given dilution levels versus competitors.

Field tests have shown excellent effectiveness on both products, with the gel concentrate preferred for larger aircraft.

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