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Adhesive & Gum Remover

Highly effective, 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Most Adhesive & Gum Removers contain high percentages of d-Limonene or petroleum based solvents. Celeste’s Adhesive & Gum remover does not contain such solvents, resulting in a safer product. In addition, this product contains no chlorinated or aromatic solvents. The low evaporation rate stays in contact with soils longer, while the thickened gel clings to vertical surfaces. It also helps control cleaning and minimizes the absorption of the chemical into adjacent carpet or upholstery areas.

Celeste’s Adhesive & Gum Remover effectively removes a number of soils, including:

Chewing gum & other mastic type materials
Shoe polish
Latex paint
Magic marker

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